We are an international collaborative effort.

Mango Tree Foundation (MTF) invites participation from individuals and organizations both inside and outside Jamaica, and is dedicated to building transnational, intercultural collaborative practice in the area of youth development. Together, with our partners, we hope to have global impact by utilizing our collective resources.


We focus on youth who are currently, or risk becoming separated from their families.

There are increasing numbers of vulnerable families, including single parent households and families affected by HIV/AIDS. The lack of gainful employment creates an additional source of family disintegration in many of Jamaica’s communities. As family ties break down, countless numbers of children are exposed to risks such as dropping out of school, labor exploitation, and violence. At MTF, we are committed to ensuring that these young people are provided access to basic needs including food, shelter, clothing, and education.

We support groups who are best situated to maximize our resources. 

We provide resources to small- and mid-sized groups where modest amounts of support can make a disproportionately positive impact.  We work primarily with schools and organizations that are less likely to receive large foundation and corporate grants, but whose efforts are having wide-reaching impact and creating sustainable change in their local communities.

We are faith-driven.

Faith underlies our purpose and values, as well as our commitment to the Foundation’s work. We are people of faith, acting in faith, and supporting efforts that will compel others to put their faith into action.

P.O. Box 8354  La Verne, CA 91750  |  Email: contact@mangotreefoundation.com